Thank You for Your Contribution!

The We Love Hawai'i Food Project is connected to a 501(c)(3), Embracing the World, a global non-profit organization.

100% of all donations go to helping local families in need. 

Volunteers are working for free. No money is spent on marketing. No one, including the director, or Embracing the World, is being paid in any way.

1. Click on the "Donate Now" box below 
2. Scroll down to "MA Center US General Support"
3. In the Additional Information box put: "For WLH" or "Hawaii Food Project"
All donations are tax deductible. All donations over $250 along with your address will generate a letter from MA Center thanking you for your tax deductible donation.
Your private information will be kept 100% private. None of your information will be shared by us for any purpose, or sent to any 3rd party. We are 100% non-profit, with no other affiliations.